Why Does Dental Anesthesia Take So Long to Wear Off?

When it comes to dental anesthesia, the length of time it takes to wear off can vary depending on a few factors. The dose, the patient's body, metabolism, and the presence of an infection all play a role in how long the effects of the anesthetic will last. After the procedure, the flow of the anesthetic stops and you wake up gradually. It may take several days for the medicine to leave the body completely.

For this reason, you may experience slight confusion, memory problems, and slow reflexes for up to 48 hours after the procedure. A typical local dental anesthetic will last between two and five hours, depending on the amount the dentist has applied for the procedure. The effects of local anesthesia gradually wear off, and sensation slowly returns to the area hours after the procedure. Local anesthetics, such as novocaine, go away naturally on their own.

If you've never taken medication to numb your teeth before, know that this process is totally normal. Generally speaking, it takes between two and four hours for you to start feeling your lips and cheeks again. When visiting the dentist for a dental procedure, sometimes a sedative can help alleviate dental anxiety, an obstacle to oral health care for some patients.

Laurence Mason
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