What is the Difference Between NHS and Private Dental Treatments?

In a nutshell, NHS dentistry is designed to be functional, while private dentistry is often functional and cosmetic. It's best to talk to your dentist about the private and NHS options available to you. Many people in the UK are curious about the distinction between an NHS and a private dentist, not realizing that there are different types of dental services available. It is generally assumed that private dentistry is a more personalized service that has no time restrictions or material costs, and that the service and clinical results are tailored to your needs, with a good clinical and cosmetic outcome.

On the other hand, NHS dental treatments are designed to be functional. The treatments are simply meant to solve problems or prevent the deterioration of your dental health. NHS dentists are required to meet the targets and quotas set by the government, which means they often have less time available for appointments and very rarely operate outside of business hours. The NHS has long waiting lists, but with private MyHealthcare Clinic dental office, you can book same-day appointments for private dental care at award-winning, state-of-the-art clinics in Fulham, Wandsworth and Wimpole Street, in central London.

While NHS dental care is often thought to be more cost-effective, it actually depends on the treatment you need. However, patients who pay for private treatment can pay more and request a white filling if it's appropriate for the tooth decay being treated. This is because the NHS will only pay for necessary dental treatment that affects oral health rather than appearance. Private dentists are free to recommend treatment without restrictions, while NHS dental care tends to focus more on solving problems without frills.

It's important to ask and check your dentist's qualifications if you're considering private dental treatment. Dental implants in London are now considered to be the best clinical treatment for missing teeth and can offer a permanent, fully functional and cost-effective solution that can last a lifetime. After receiving my first dental treatment with Dinah, there was absolutely no way for me to move to another dentist. Overall, it's best to talk to your dentist about the private and NHS options available to you.

Today at the dental clinic Dee underwent endodontic treatment, I didn't feel any pain and the dentist was very friendly.

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