Mixing Private and NHS Dental Treatment: What You Need to Know

If you're considering mixing private and NHS dental treatment, Dentally's dental office management system is the perfect solution. Our software allows you to process claims from NHS patients and accept payment from private patients, or even combine both for the same customer. In some cases, a patient may want a procedure or treatment that isn't available in the NHS, and our software makes it easy to combine private and NHS treatments. When submitting applications to the NHS for dental treatments, you'll need to confirm the amount you'll have to pay for treatment in the NHS. If you've discussed private treatments with your dentist, the details and costs will be stated separately on the same form.

The NHS will provide all the treatment your dentist deems clinically necessary to keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy.

NHS dental treatment

does not cover any cosmetic treatments that are only meant to improve your appearance, such as teeth whitening. Depending on the office, you may be asked to wait until the next available appointment in the NHS. You can save money by becoming a domestic dental tourist and looking for treatments that are cheaper in certain areas of the country. Most dental plans are likely to include a three-month period for treatment and there may also be limits on the value of claims, as well as on the number of times a year you can request them. If you want treatments that aren't necessary for your dental health, such as cosmetic treatments, you'll need to pay for them privately.

Options for Covering Private Dental Treatment Costs

There are a variety of plans available to help cover the cost of private dental treatment, available from certain dental offices, health plan companies and insurers.

Most cash health insurance plans also include coverage for dental treatment, allowing you to claim some of your expenses after treatment. If you think your dental charges are incorrect, talk to your dentist or the person in your dental office responsible for receiving patient feedback. You can also take out a dental plan, a payment plan designed to help cover the cost of NHS or private treatment for your teeth. Traveling abroad for dental treatment is another way to save money while taking a break from home. Check out the plans available to help you with private treatment, including dental plans and maintenance plans.

Obtaining Consent

In obtaining consent from patients for private treatments, they should not be misled about the treatment available in the NHS or if they are entitled to that treatment.

They will know what work was done and if it was an NHS treatment or a combination of private and NHS treatment.

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